With a population in excess of 24.2 million Shanghai is one of the largest cities in China and the world. It has its own global financial hub, the world’s busiest container port and strong cultural scene, Shanghai plays host to a huge population of wealthy households, high- net-worth individuals and multiple global CEO’s. This makes Shanghai the perfect place for Ideal Home Show to launch.

•Every week around 10,000 people make Shanghai their new home
•World’s busiest container port
•China is the largest consumer of international luxury goods
•Consumer audience -Mid to late 30’s, high end consumers, upper middle class, with a modern lifestyle and global outlook
•China is the world’s largest exporter and second largest importer
•Strong UK support for British brands looking to expand into China
•The Chinese Economy has doubled in a 7 year period
•China is growing at more than twice the pace of the USA
•Huge online retail potential of China – Total transaction value of China online shopping market reached 1.15 trillion Yuan (US$166.85 billion) in Q3