Organizer - Media 10

Multi-award winner Media 10 is the fastest growing independent event company in UK. For over 15 years, Media 10 has been running some of the most iconic and successful events globally. Now with an office in Shanghai Media 10 run events in China.
Co-organizer-JD.COM is a leading technology driven e-commerce company and retail infrastructure service provider in China. Its cutting-edge retail infrastructure enables consumers to buy whatever they want, whenever and wherever they want it. The company has opened its technology and infrastructure to partners, brands and other sectors, as part of its Retail as a Service strategy, to help drive productivity and innovation across a range of industries. is the largest retailer in China, a member of the NASDAQ 100 and a Fortune Global 500 company.

In terms of its home furnishings business, focuses on a number of core areas including building materials, furniture, household necessities, home textiles, kitchen utensils and decoration supplies. is committed to building a convenient, abundant and high-quality one-stop shopping platform for mid-and-high-end consumers. has over 20,000 partners, including well-known domestic and international brands. In the future, will further leverage its own advantages to integrate product category resources in order to provide more diversified consumption choices for consumers of home furnishing products.

主办单位十媒会展(Media 10

十媒会展(Media 10)是英国最具有影响力的媒体及展会公司之一,并迅速成为媒体和展会行业领先者。公司运营英国最具标志性和最成功的活动及杂志,包括Grand Designs杂志、Icon杂志、Grand Designs电视节目的线下展会及全球历史最为悠久的消费展梦想生活方式展。Media 10运营的项目还包括伦敦100%设计展、设计上海、100%光学眼镜展、英国建筑周、ITV早间节目 This Morning的线下展会、克拉肯威尔设计周、伦敦设 计之旅、蛋糕烘培展、Grand Designs大奖、Icon设计 大奖、星际迷航展以及在白金汉宫举办的英女王加冕钻禧庆典等。公司的国际业务包括在中国举办的设计上海、英伦精选展、梦想生活方式展及设计中国北京,以及在南非的设计约翰内斯堡。