How to get involved?

Live events stimulate the senses which is proven to increase brand memory and sales.

BOOK a stand presence – shell or space options available whatever your goal is generate sales, meet new customers, launch new products, promote your brand story, test the market.



预定展位 ‒ 标准展位或光地展位两种选择。您的任何商业目标:促进销售、获得新客户、发布新品、推广品牌故事、市场测试…我们都可以助您达成。


Media 10 have worked closely with some of the leading global brands across the Ideal Home Show portfolio. The team work with the sponsors to ensure that all objectives are met and that the sponsor fully enhances the visitor experience, therefore leaving a positive imprint of the event and the brand on the consumer.

Sponsorship – elevate your presence by becoming a partner of the event – headline, feature and bespoke opportunities are available – Please contact