What better place for a spring outing?Ideal Home Show 2019, now crazy-popular among netizens, returns to bring even more meaningful rituals to your life

Not sure where to have fun over the weekend? You might spend the weekend with your kids, taking them out for some good family fun. You might also be a fan of the fine arts, always looking for meaningful rituals to further enrich your life. You might hope for every detail in your life, from home décor to kitchenware, to be exquisite and delightful. You might be a fashionista, always looking to shine over the weekend, or enjoying a fashion show. You might also just be a lover of good food, keen to satisfy your taste buds with culinary treats and creations. If any of these sound like you, Ideal Home Show can satisfy all your needs and then some.

Ideal Home Show 2019 will be opening its doors at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre from 14-17 March. The event will gather over 500 brand names from over 30 countries. In addition to its showcase of close to 20,000 brand products and services, nearly 100 KOLs will be onsite to participate in over 200 talks and interactive activities, including live, practical life-guide sessions led by industry experts. Ideal Home Show will be the place to discover life’s most meaningful and enriching rituals.

Good parenting – to give the best to your kids!

Parents love their kids, so having them look their best is a must! Ideal Home Show is committed to creating an exquisite life for adults and kids alike. This year’s event will be presenting a kid-exclusive fashion show hosted by I NATURAL ANGEL, a globally renowned children’s formal dress brand established by Ms. Li Min. Yitang, whose scarves were showcased at Milan World Expo, will be showing this season’s newest arrivals on the catwalk with award-winning young models. Young inventers will also get to show their ingenuity at on-site workshops, which will be open to both kids and parents free of charge. 

Our little angels must dress to impress when out and about, but once back home, what better than a lovely, comfortable and cosy abode? Children’s furniture brand names Home Alone, Dengdeng Jimu, and Zhiyin, among others, are committed to providing the ultimate kid’s home, and are loved by kids of all ages! Their furniture creations not only look fun, but are super comfy and offer a safe environment for our little ones. What more could a parent ask for?

Meaningful home rituals for lovers of art and design 

For those who love literature and art, a perfect weekend at home might just be burning some nice incense, while listening to old songs, enjoying exquisite food and sipping a glass of fine wine. At Ideal Home Show, get ready to discover a blend of tasteful home décor and life enriching rituals to make that perfect weekend a reality.

Artistic home décor is a fine arts lover’s dream. Simplicity is the code here. White-coloured iBranco kitchenware, beautiful high-quality Jing Republic and YeStudio creations, leading textiles by Cloud Breeze, inspiring desk lamps, stylish Pidan cat homes, tasteful sound gear by HYM, fashionable computing devices by Lofree and ipluso pens, cool and chic Etnia Barcelona eye wear, and Fulton umbrellas, favoured by Leonardo DiCaprio and the British royals. 

In addition, the show will be working with leading design brand Alu House, together with five top luxury Italian brands - Fendi, Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Missoni and Etro - to present Couture Homes, an exquisite showcase that will immerse you in the legendary world of Italian aesthetics. 

China native and high-end villa design studio TOALDO will be working with the show team to present their one-of-a-kind dream house – the Oasis. 

Fashion intelligence that spans the globe

If you love fashion and are hungry for the latest styles of the season, Ideal Home Show is for you, where you’ll get to engage with top fashion experts and KOLs, who’ll be sharing their insights. Jotun, a leading paint brand from Northern Europe, will be inviting chief colour analysts from around the globe to share the most popular colours and trends for 2019. Minolife, in collaboration with the Beijing Palace Museum, will be launching a themed fragrance that is steeped in unmistakable Chinese glamor, while YIN Jewellery will share the mystery of its fine precious stones, educating visitors on how to buy and care for such natural treasures. These, and so much more, will give you access to the latest trends, while gaining key insights into your ideal fashion and lifestyle. 

Apart from lectures presented by KOLs and experts, you’ll get to enjoy fascinating catwalk shows and a star-lit award ceremony. Step aside Milan, Paris and New York, the ultimate glamour experience is right at your doorstep in China.

At Ideal Home Show, top globally renowned brands will come together to lead you down unforgettable catwalks. Here, you’ll get to experience up close leading lingerie brands like Not Just Pajama, traveller backpacks by Rubber Killer, fine jewels by D-Jewelry, stylish hats by MAISON LINA MA, among many others. In addition, the show will be working with fashion media InStyle to launch its second fashion award ceremony, where industry leaders will be on-hand to share cosmetic tips that’ll have you looking your best!

High-tech will also make an appearance at this year’s show allowing you to experience, up-close, the modern convenience of the smart home. Exciting product launches include IQAir+Atem’s new carbon air purification system and Philips’ brand-new smart lamp, a key tool for the smart home of the future.

The world of Good food and wine

Good food and wine are a must for those who want the best out of life. Ideal Home Show will be launching large-scale, interactive activities that’ll ensure an unforgettable culinary experience! Here you’ll learn much more than basic cooking tips with over 40 cooking skill sessions offered by KitchenAid, Light 919, and Primol. Master baker Chen Wei, as beautiful as her cakes, will also be demonstrating key DIY skills and baking secrets, together with the creations of Li Xiaojun, a world-class ice sculptor, whose works seamlessly and deliciously combine ice with good food and fine art. 

You can enjoy authentic western food and wine at Light 919, a top restaurant and wine tasting destination among netizens in Shanghai. And for those keen to savour authentic Italian food, 
Primo 1 brings Italy to you, where star chef, Jacky Xue, whose succulent dishes have been served at Michelin restaurants for over 16 years, will inspire your taste buds with a unique culinary experience.

Other exciting highlights include live cooking demos at the Chef’s Theatre and delicious 
ready-to-buy products right on the show floor.

Diversity is all about life’s approaches and attitudes. There are just so many to choose from. What will your choice be then? Come and find out at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre from 14-17 March 2019.