Envisage Your Ideal Lifestyle – The Centennial International Gala Event Ideal Home Show Returns to Shanghai

China has entered a phase of consumer upgrading in recent years. Modern Chinese society has become more consumer-driven than ever with rising purchasing power and personalized buying demands. Instead of merely satisfying material needs, Chinese consumers are demanding actualization of a dream lifestyle enriched with fun. Such a backdrop provides the perfect stage for the Ideal Home Show, scheduled to take place at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre from 14-17 March 2019. The four-day event is expected to gather nearly 500 premium-lifestyle brands and nearly20,000 fun, stylish, and high-end products, presented alongside a wide variety of colorful on-site activities, all designed to deliver a quality, personalized visitor experience. Under the theme of “Envisage Your Ideal Lifestyle”, the event will focus on China’s fast-growing affluent and middle-class consumers, offering them a first-rate and inspiring lifestyle showcase. 

Ideal Home Show covers a total exhibition area of 30,000 sqm, including six interactive pavilions – Interiors & Decorative Art, Home Renovation, Technology, Fashion & Beauty, Food & Drink, and Family Life – that offer an all-round view of stylish living and the modern home. The event also offers several on-site and interactive visitor attractions, including Ideal Theatre, Chef’s Theatre, Lifestyle Stage Catwalk, and Couture Homes, during which over 200 industry leaders, celebrities and KOLs deliver live, practical life-guide sessions. 

Centennial, international gala returns to Shanghai 

Boasting a long history of 110 years, Ideal Home Show is the high-end lifestyle platform of Media 10. Over the past century, the show has attracted over 700 million visitors, and is renowned as one of the world’s biggest, most influential and longest-standing consumer events. The show will open its doors at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre on 14 March 2019. Following the theme of “Envisage Your Ideal Lifestyle” and targeting China’s middle to high-income consumers, the show’s offerings and high-end, innovative showcase focuses on delivering the ultimate consumer experience. 

Six themed pavilions spanning clothing, food, accommodation, and transportation to unleash lifestyle ideals

Gathering the trendiest elements on the market, the show will offer six themed pavilions, namely Interiors & Decorative Art, Fashion & Beauty, Home Renovation, Technology, Food & Drink, and Family Life.

Interiors & Decorative Art gathers a range of top brand names, such as Nice Living, COCO-MAT, QJLP, Star-living and nakko. It offers a one-stop discovery center to modern premium offerings in ideal home décor. Visitors get to be inspired by extraordinary designs, while experiencing the latest in new home environments, including exotic, original designs, as well as new launches not yet available from online shops. After all, it’s all about equipping your home with the most cutting-edge design products!      

Fashion & Beauty is a must-go for fashion lovers. It offers modern fashion lifestyle elements by combining fine taste, top quality, and designer brands. Its extensive showcase features, among others, clothing, accessories, jewelry, fragrances, cosmetics and skin care products, including renowned brands dyson, ipluso, i’mblu, Focus Point, YTang, JING Republic, Unicare, and Not Just Pajama. Also available onsite are fashion shows, designer talks, make-up workshops, and new product launches.

Home Renovation features high-end products, designs, and services from leading companies, such as Nabel, Franke, Flugger, and REHAU. From total kitchen makeovers to individual ovens, flooring and cabinets, the concept of home renovation, once deemed boring, has been redefined, where any and all solutions are right within reach. Visitors get to experience and imagine first-hand their ideal life and living space. 

Offering the latest tech trends, the Technology pavilion gathers smart technologies and leading brand names, including Dyson, Philips, and HYM. From cutting-edge home entertainment devices to futuristic lamps, its exhibits expose visitors to the best smart technologies available in real home settings. The show’s convenient and ready-to-buy lay-out allows visitors to choose and buy their favorites on the spot.  

Food & Drink offers home gourmets ideal foods, sauces and cooking ware, just to name a few. Visitors can experience the latest epicurean offerings and equipment up close, allowing them to fulfill their taste buds and buy their newly-discovered favorites. Visitors also get to explore a range of diverse tastes from modern catering to street food fused with leading brand names KitchenAid, illy, and MOVO, while enjoying good food, wine and opportunities to socialize with fellow gourmets. Workshops and independent vendors are also on hand to offer the best food and ingredients on the market.

Family Life gathers products ranging from tourism and finance to hobbies, education, and kid’s fun. Leading showcased brands include, among others, Goodbaby, Decobébé, Life Fitness, I Natural Angel and Pidan, all ready to offer up joy and convenience to the modern Chinese family.

A gathering of four themed activities and KOLs

Four themed activities – Couture Homes, Chef’s Theatre, Ideal Theatre and Lifestyle Stage Catwalk – will be launched at the show, complete with several celebrities, industry experts, and online KOLs, who’ll be sharing the hottest trends with fun personal anecdotes.

Couture Homes delivers an immersive experience, allowing visitors to enjoy the best in Italian aesthetics. Five distinct fashion spaces, a showcase of top Italian brands, Fendi, Versace, Armani, Roberto Cavalli and Bottega Veneta, combine exotic Italian gardening with classic Italian aesthetics. 

Chef’s Theatre gathers dozens of internationally renowned chefs and gourmet KOLs all in one place, who engage face-to-face with the audience in over 40 experience workshops and cooking demos. 

Ideal Theater gathers over 50 industry experts who come to share inspiring tips to enjoying the ideal lifestyle. 

Lifestyle Stage Catwalk gathers multiple fashion experts, who come to share fashion secrets. Visitors get to benefit from savvy fashion and make-up tips as they catch up with the latest fashion trends. 

KOLs gather under the same roof to bring numerous highlights

The show features several interactive highlights and opportunities, including special show zones designed to deliver a unique, enriched and inspirational visitor experience. 

The show includes over 200 talks and life-guide sessions, featuring online KOLs, industry experts and celebrities ready for an in-depth audience exchange, proving new, inspiring, and even fun ideal life ideas are everywhere to be found! The show also offers interactive workshops, live demos and one-on-one consultations with top experts in the field. 

Apart from KOLs and celebrities, real stars at the show include its many high-end brand names, such as Instyle, Secoo, KitchenAid, Bright 919, and Primo1. With a gathering of over 500 leading lifestyle brands from more than 20 countries, Ideal Home Show 2019 is sure to offer a great experience to all.