2019 Ideal Home Show & Couture Homes opened on March 14
A not-to-be-missed a chance to buy the best in home products and discover quality lifestyle

Ideal Home Show, the world’s oldest and biggest consumer exhibition, accompanied by Couture Homes, was launched at Shanghai Exhibition Center on March 14. On the first day of the show, thousands of visitors gathered at the 30,000-sqm fairgrounds, where they experienced firsthand modern ideal home life covering furniture, food, technology, fashion, parenting and fitness. Nearly 100 KOLs were invited to engage with visitors via over 200 onsite activities.

Present at the Ideal Home Show opening ceremony were John Edwards, Shanghai British Consul-General; Mike Dynan, Media 10 Managing Director; Nancy Baughen, Ideal Home Show Project Director; Sam Wang, Head of Home and Life at JD Retail; Eric Tibusch, leading French fashion designer; Gary Zeng, renowned interior designer; Barry Lee, Chef Michelin; and Softbank’s Pepper robot, who were joined by visitors and media colleagues. 

Ms. Ludovica Murazzani, Commercial Consul of Italy in Shanghai, together with Nancy Baughen; Maserati CEO, Mirko Bordiga; AluHouse founder, Eric Kwong; Glory Casa President, Andy Liu; chief designer Fabio Fontana; and Illycaffe China President & GM, Mr. Bernard Chiew, who later took part in the opening ceremony of Couture Homes.

Ideal Home Show was born in London in 1908. Over its 111-year-old history, the show has attracted over 70 million consumer-visitors, making it the world’s oldest and biggest consumer events. Its centuries-old inheritance has enlightened the modern life of generations of European consumers and shaped the modern lifestyle of modern European middle-class families.

At the Ideal Home Show 2019, as co-organizer, JD.com, China’s largest retailer, has formed a strategic partnership with Media 10. Together, the two parties have launched the Ideal Home Show Flagship Store on JD.com. The store sells quality products from a number of leading brands, including ARTIMBER, Larmoon, UTTORI, COSMIC SPECULATION and i’m blu, among many others. Consumers can scan electronic price tags with their phones to conveniently purchase a vast range of items. JD.com believes “Boundaryless Retail”, in which consumers can buy whatever they want, whenever and wherever they want it, is the future of retail. 

New international launches offer big highlights as discounts and special offers from leading brand names impress family buyers

Over the past year, Dyson has become the most popular brand name in China, and brought new technologies to this year’s show. Oh My Design Kids offered creative craft workshops for the kids, giving parents an opportunity to enjoy time to themselves. Tesla, the leading American electric car company, gave an impressive demonstration of the latest electric and self-driving auto trends.  

Throughout the four-day event, many more leading brand names will entice, excite and inspire, including Nice Living’s APP for home lifestyle; AirProce air-purification technology; REHAU, Europe’s top bedding brand Coco-mat; fashion Spanish glasses by Etnia Barcelona; Nabel for high-end ceramic tiles; Swiss smart-ironing-product leader Laurastar; Franke high-end kitchenware and equipment; smart watch leader NOERDEN; Brabantia for high-end sanitation; and leading resort brand Anantara, among many others. The brand names will showcase their renowned high-quality products and further delight visitors with a variety of special offers and deep Black-Friday-like discounts. 

Philips inspired current and aspiring homeowners with its new smart lighting system. Contemporary home and lifestyle boutique, Jing Republic launched its new banana product, attracting many fashion lovers. And X+Q delighted art lovers with the release of their third edition of I SEE HAPPINESS, a tribute to classical design. 

Eight brand names gather to explore the dream home

Ideal Home Show has been known for custom-built houses for over a century. As an annual consumer show with a focus on experiencing home lifestyle, the show has upgraded with even more leading brand names, with this year’s edition offering eight different styles of the dream house. 

Glory Casa and AluHouse joined five top Italian fashion brands – Versace, Roberto Cavalli, MISSONI, ETRO, and Gianfranco Ferrè Home – to offer the first immersive Italian home experience that is Couture Homes, where visitors got to experience classical luxury design, as well as top garden landscaping, Italian style. Illy, a 100-year-old coffee brand came to provide visitors with their famously fragrant Italian coffee. The RFW dry red wine and VIOLA beer from the Italian coast add a touch of flavor to the exhibition area. Five home design styles were accompanied by rich AluHouse aesthetics, taking visitors on an immersive tour to beautiful Sicily, Tuscany and the Amalfi coast.

Maserati’s Quattroporte for executives, the sporty Ghibli and SUV Levante 3 were some of the luxury brand’s highlights, showing the style and elegance of the Italians. Many visitors just loved these top-performing vehicles that boast a duo of comfort and design.

"Media 10 is already a strong partner of Italy in Shanghai, where we have been successfully cooperating in showcasing some of the best high-end Italian lifestyle products as well as in presenting Italian quality, innovation and beauty applied in the design field. I believe that these are the three key features of Italy, and they coincide with what the refined Chinese citizens are looking for. After the organization of the "Italian Design Day" in Shanghai on March 8, under the theme "The city of the future", today with Couture Homes we continue to focus on Italy lifestyle, this time covering fashion, home, food, gardening, culture and the unique charm of our land". Ms. Ludovica Murazzani, Commercial Consul of Italy in Shanghai, said, "I am confident that this exhibition and the future initiatives that we'll carry out together, will pay an essential contribution in further promoting Sino-Italian exchanges, helping us to deliver the best of Italy to our Chinese friends".

For those intoxicated by Italian homes, the 1:1 reproduction of the Italian dream house and the grand aesthetics of its designers would make anyone marvel. China’s indigenous high-end villa design team TOALDO used the oasis design concept to present their dream home, combining the spirits of detachment, freedom, serenity, mystery and excitement. Of course, the team also worked closely with leading home design and furniture brands from home and abroad. Each detail was aimed for perfection, with an ultimate mission to achieve ecological balance and a return to the very essence of life. 

Inspired by Apollo 11, Timothy Oulton Studio produced a space shuttle capsule right in the middle of the show venue.The 1:1 reproduction of the capsule is a testament to the design capacity and creativity of the studio. Visitors even had the chance to enjoy some snacks and a nice rest inside the capsule.

A fashion show comparable to Paris Fashion Week as a sneak peek at upcoming autumn/winter vogue

Visitors didn’t have to travel far to get a taste of the world’s most famous fashion weeks. Ideal Home Show is the place to experience the cutting edge of global fashion up close.

Eric Tibusch has totally conquered fashion weeks in Paris and London. He previously designed costumes for the blockbuster movie Avatar and the All American Music Awards. And in 2019, the top designer worked together with Bund 22 at Ideal Home Show to present an international fashion show, offering a sneak peek into the upcoming autumn/winter season. The fashion show was a top attraction for visitors, showcasing such high-end brands as Barbour that provides coats to British royalty; Henry Cotton's, an Italian brand that offers smart casual clothing; MCS, a high-end garment brand; Marina Yachting, a high-end casual brand; Maison Lina Ma, a hat brand from France; and Zimmerli, Bund 22’s high-end tailor-made brand. Visitors got to enjoy international fashion and trends thanks to the show. 

InStyle, a leading vogue publication, has worked with Ideal Home Show once again to launch the second edition of the Fashion & Beauty Must-Buy List and Cosmetics Master Seminar, which was indeed a paradise for fashion and beauty lovers. Austin Li, an online KOL with douyin.com and xiaohongshu.com, and other online celebrities came to the show to offer a rich array of engaging activities with fans, sharing the latest fashion information and showcasing beauty trends. The Lifestyle Stage Catwalk provided visitors with an opportunity to see the very cutting edge of global fashion. Annie Atienza shared insights on the color trends of 2019, while explaining the use of colors in ways that are perfectly fashionably-correct no matter who or where you are.

Michelin chefs offer culinary shows as visitors enjoy Shanghai’s best desserts 

As visitors moved from the fashion and beauty zone to the culinary zone, they were absolutely delighted by such a variety of good food, enabling them to enjoy the world’s best tastes without even leaving Shanghai. 

Whirlpool worked together with American high-end kitchenware brand KitchenAid to offer the Chef’s Theatre, where visitors got to witness how the world’s best chefs make great food that inspires. What might be the best gift for your White Valentine? Well, why not make a dessert yourself that has all your love inside? Vivian Chen, the cake master, made her famous candy cakes onsite. Michelin chef Ye Wei showed the secret to making her ice creams that are wildly popular online. Bund 22 offered practical coffee-making skills to visitors. Lin Guoyu made great food fusing eastern and western culinary cultures and tastes. Chef Jeffery, who has cooked for many dignitaries while working at InterContinental Ruijin Shanghai, prepared steaks onsite. ACERA was a true cocktail master that demonstrated the art of cocktail-making with Chinese cultural elements, such as porcelain. Hugely-impressed and highly-satisfied visitors enjoyed a tremendous visual and culinary feast. 

Delegations of online KOLs came to share life’s eureka moments and smart home décor tips

At the Ideal Theatre, numerous creative exhibits demonstrated life attitudes and the pursuit of better living experiences. These exhibits offered both fun and inspiration to visitors.

In the afternoon, crowds gathered to enjoy the MC work of Softbank’s Pepper robot, who shared insights on the smart home.

RELX founder, Wang Ying talked about a way of life that cares for both health and the environment. Hong Kong-based interior designer, Frank Xiong shared insights on indoor décor aesthetics. Eric Tsui discussed the art of combination to suit a family of four kids, shedding light on new lifestyle. Kaiser Tourism announced its top destinations in 2019, many of which are wildly popular online. 

According to visitors, Ideal Home Show was like a dream come true. Futuristic fashionistas gather here. They enjoy a unique home lifestyle journey of on- and offline experiences that satisfy them physically and psychologically. 

Pleased to see such crowds at the show, Shanghai British Consul-General, John Edwards said, “Originating in the UK, the Ideal Home Show has a long history of 111 years. It has grown to become a popular consumer staple spanning across generations of Britons. Having the show in Shanghai provides a cultural bridge, bringing together global cultural trends with Shanghai’s dynamism and style to foster cultural and trade links.” 

Ideal Home Show & Couture Homes is committed to high-quality lifestyle. “I believe the high-quality products on display at the show from all over the world will impress the consumers,” said Media 10 Managing Director, Mike Dynan, “I also hope that the fantastic booth designs and rich onsite interactive activities will help to further convey the message of modern home lifestyle to Chinese consumers.”

“Chinese consumers continue to demand high quality home and life products, and an optimal shopping experience. By cooperating with the Ideal Home Show, we expect to bring more quality domestic and international brands to China’s discerning consumers to make their lives easier and more convenient,” said Sam Wang, Head of Home and Life at JD Retail.

In the next three days, many more highlights to come! On 15 March, Wow Design’s indigenous branding director Irene will talk about current design trends in Northern Europe. On 16 March, Nice Living analysts will share China’s top 100 smart home cases. And on 17 March, top chef Lin Guoyu, who’s served numerous dignitaries, will teach office workers how to prepare a tasty and nutritious dinner in 30 minutes flat! So many more highlights for you to discover and experience this 15-17 March. Stay tuned!!