An immersive experience embracing Italian lifestyle aesthetics with Couture Homes
With the onset of spring, fashionistas just can’t wait to show off their latest ensembles of the season. It’s true that there’s more to fashion than expensive clothing. The essence of fashion lies in one’s overall taste in lifestyle. Everyone dreams about a perfect living space, however, not everyone can enjoy a standout home. So, is the Italian aesthetic lifestyle for you? Perhaps you simply haven’t had the opportunity to experience it. Couture Homes is here to deliver and satisfy your curiosity and quest for the ideal home. 

Ideal Home Show & Couture Homes 2019, an annual immersive household consumer show, returns to the Shanghai Exhibition Center from 14-17 March. The show will play host to over 500 high-quality lifestyle brand names from over 30 countries. All spotlights will be shining down on Couture Homes, a gathering of five top Italian luxury brands – Versace, Roberto Cavalli, MISSONI, ETRO, and Gianfranco Ferrè Home – to present an immersive space for visitors to experience all aspects of Italian couture via interactive activities and meaningful life rituals. 

Italian fashion: leading aesthetics guaranteed 

As one of the leading centers of western civilization, Italy has always been the go-to destination for fashion lovers. Milan as the global fashion capital, Florence as the city of flowers, and Maserati as the leading luxury ride, all have played their part in Italy’s standing in the fashion world. Italy has always generated the cutting-edge in global fashion, while Milan Fashion Week provides the barometer for the global fashion industry. 

Thanks to rising living standards, more and more Chinese citizens are eager to explore a fashionable lifestyle. Couture Homes satisfies this need on multiple fronts including clothing, home décor, food, gardening, and culture. It offers a taste of authentic Italian lifestyle, where you can experience leading international brand names and meet up close with fashion KOLs, who’ll be sharing their expert insights. 

Another exciting key highlight will be the striking presence of Maserati at the show. As Italy’s iconic car brand, Maserati will present its first-class luxury car models, the complete package of design, performance, comfort, elegance and safety. 

The Italian home: an immersive experience of living scenarios

Apart from Italy’s renowned fashions, the spotlight shines next on the ideal home. How would you imagine a quality ideal home? Couture Homes allows you to experience and discover firsthand Italian home aesthetics, where five inspirational home zones, featuring top brands Versace, Roberto Cavalli, MISSONI, ETRO, and Gianfranco Ferrè Home, will each bring their own unique take on the essence of the Italian home. 

Couture Homes offers an exclusive journey designed to inspire with a physical show floor layout that no online shopping can provide, where you get to touch, taste, and feel up close luxury home décor and designs, surrounded by genuine Italian gardens and landscaping. Couture Homes immerses you via a wide variety of offerings, including hands-on workshops, seminars, demonstrations, and one-on-one expert consultations, all aimed at helping you experience and imagine the artistic home life of your dreams. 

Italian cuisine: rituals for your taste buds

Life’s many rituals add color to the mediocrity of daily life. A bouquet, a piece of artwork, a delectable dinner…It’s the simple things that make life more enjoyable. Apart from clothing and home décor, Italian lifestyle also offers an incomparable variety of coffee and cuisine. Besides, who doesn’t love Italian pasta and espresso? A must-go for food lovers, Couture Homes allows you to experience the very best of Italian food without stepping foot out of China.  

In here you get to experience great Italian food and wine, accompanied by Italian rituals that provide a true sense of a world-class lifestyle. Just imagine the coziness enjoying a steaming illy coffee accompanied by classic Italian music. This is Italian life at its very best. Throughout the Chef’s Theatre sessions, Shanghai-based international chefs from PRIMO 1, BRIGHT919, Bund 22 Dashuwujie, NAPA Wine Restaurant, and many other 5-star hotels, will be showing off their culinary talents. Some of Shanghai’s most wildly popular dessert shops will also be onsite to offer their delicious creations. Illy will be showing off their superb coffee skills, while local cocktail masters will be mixing up unique blends. 

Italian gardens offering romantic taste

Carrying on the aesthetics of Ancient Greece and Rome, Italy’s architecture and gardens never stop impressing. The world continues to find inspiration from Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, and Gothic styles, all of which have taken root in Italy. Italian terraced landscaping, characteristic of many European gardens, is a singular feature of the Italian garden that illustrates a rich civilization weaved throughout the striking, rustic and romantic beauty of Italy’s natural landscape. 

Couture Homes will demonstrate some of the most representative Italian gardening styles from Tuscany, Amalfi, and Sicily. You’ll no longer have to travel far to enjoy beautiful Italy. The rustic features of Tuscany, the Southern European aesthetics of Amalfi, and the distinctive natural beauty of Sicily will be waiting for you right on the show floor. Engross yourself in a visual feast, an authentic taste of Mediterranean romance immersed amid vineyards, olive trees, and ancient towns, while experiencing the beautiful Amalfi coast. 

Ideal Home Show and Couture Homes offers you an opportunity to appreciate classic Italian lifestyle at its best, together with an unprecedented and immersive experience of modern Italian fashion. We welcome you to the Shanghai Exhibition Center 14-17 March 2019 for this tremendous experience not to be found elsewhere in Asia.