Ideal Home Show & Couture Homes Will Take Place at Shanghai Exhibition Center in March 2019
Ideal Home Show & Couture Homes held their first official press conference of the year at Shanghai Bright 919 on February 26th to announce that the annual experiential home show will take place at Shanghai Exhibition Center from March 14 to 17, 2019. 

Ideal Home Show is world-renowned as one of the biggest consumer-shows with the longest history. Its 30,000mexhibition area is expected to attract more than 500 quality lifestyle brands from over 30 countries, presenting 20,000-plus innovative and ready-to-buy items. The show will additionally feature six major themed pavilions - Interiors & Decorative Art, Home Renovation, Food & Drink, Family Life, Fashion & Beauty and Technology, together with four life experiential-themed events of Couture Homes, Lifestyle Stage, Chef’s Theatre and Ideal Theatre, all of which are designed to bring home- and-lifestyle enlightenment and inspiration. Concurrently held with the exhibition will also include more than 200 seminars led by nearly 100 industry KOLs, each providing a unique and vivid interpretation of a new-innovation life. has reached a long-term strategic cooperation with Media 10 as the co-organizer of Ideal Home Show 2019, and the flagship store of Ideal Home Show has been launched on

As the cutting-edge show for leading an innovative lifestyle, Ideal Home Show & Couture Home’s theme of “Envisage Your Ideal Lifestyle” is dedicated to exploring and pursuing all aspects of quality lifestyle. “The increase of mid-high class consumers in China has led to a pursuit of higher life quality. I’m glad to see the growth of Ideal Home Show in China, and we are committed to creating a platform where consumers can find their own lifestyle”, said Mike Dynan, managing director of Media 10 China. 

Highlight 1: Couture Homes – an immersive experience embracing Italian lifestyle aesthetics

This year, Ideal Home Show will create an immersive experience embracing Italian lifestyle aesthetics – Couture Homes, together with Glory Casa, and five top Italian brands, Versace, Roberto Cavalli, MISSONI, ETRO and Gianfranco Ferrè Home, their first-time ever joint appearance in China. AluHouse, a high-end mobile aluminium house brand, will also bring four innovative and technological houses to the scene to create a high-level living space with full senses, presenting a new definition of future lifestyle.

Couture Homes allows visitors to explore a better lifestyle via senses of ritual, experience and participation. 

A stage of classic and luxurious Italian home design, surrounded by gardens and landscapes, exquisite food and wine, full-flavored coffee, and romantic and charming music, all of which fully express the ultimate in Italian aesthetics and the pure elegance of Italian lifestyle. Visitors, without even leaving Shanghai, can experience the idyllic scenery of Tuscan aesthetics, literature and art; Amalfi's charming southern European scenery; and Sicily's unique and dense natural landscapes.

Top Italian brand, Maserati, will also have a striking presence at the show, presenting its first-class luxury car models, the complete package of design, performance, comfort, elegance and safety. 

Highlight 2: Lifestyle Stage – frontier updates from Paris Fashion Week

Concealed in everyday attire, fashion remains a long-lasting topic in daily life, one which not only adds a touch of individual beauty, but also one’s self-expression. 

The four-day Ideal Home Show and Couture Homes will be a visual feast of fashion brands and highlights. Eric Tibusch, top international designer, who has conquered both Paris Fashion Week and London Fashion Week, costume-design consultant for Avatar, and album-apparel designer for French singer Lorie at the American Music Awards, will be at Ideal Home Show to share the world’s newest fashion trends, while presenting an international fashion show of this year’s new autumn and winter collections. 

Starluxe APP, a global luxury goods sharing platform co-created by Mr. SIMON, former director of GUCCI China, and Ms. Zhang Ziyi, chief fashion officer of Starluxe, will present a fashion show with the world's top luxury brands. Four international fashion brands, including Barbour, the British Royal-preferred wind coat brand, Henry Cotton's, the Italian noble leisure brand, MCS, a high-end fashion brand, and Marina Yachting, a chic leisure brand will be presenting on stage, together with a lively kid fashion show featuring brands, including, among others, I Natural Angel and YTang.

Highlight 3: Global Gourmet – a mouthwatering tour of tastes 

Food definitely plays a role in the ideal life, where different combinations of everyday fresh food create amazing chemistry and unforgettable tastes. Global tastes resonate throughout Ideal Home Show & Couture Homes in its appreciation and quest of the ultimate in global gourmet cuisine

Whirlpool and Kitchen Aid, high-end American kitchenware brands, will return to presents its lively and interactive "Chef’s Theatre" series, together with a number of Shanghai-based international chefs hailing from Primo 1, Bright 919 and Bund 22 which includes French wine-themed restaurant Napa and Lady Bund, now famous as the movie set for Silent Separation. Kondo Yosuke, head Japanese chef at Wanda Reign on the Bund Hotel, built by “the people’s husband” Wang Sicong for RMB 3.4 billion, will be giving a traditional Japanese drum performance and demo of fresh tuna-cutting techniques, while popular US hamburger shop, Shake Shack, will be sharing its views on food culture at “Ideal Theatre”; ACERA will bring us a series of creative cocktail shows with strong Chinese tone. Many more fun and fascinating food events include cooking demos by popular Shanghai desserts shops, illy coffee latte art and cocktail master creations. 

Highlight 4: A Collection of Brands – a home consumer feast gathering renowned international brands

In the fashion and beauty arena, the second China-based edition of InStyle’s Best Beauty Buys Awards will provide an authoritative reference for fashion and beauty fans; fashion stylist Chunzi will conduct a visitor Q&A session; the Modern Lady Elite Club member event will provide a platform for idea exchange; M.F. Rachals, the German piano brand, will bring its exciting musical creations to audiences; Dyson and its Supersonic Hair Dryer, a netizen-favorite, will take stock of 2019’s most popular hairstyles; Crashbaggage, an Italian fashion suitcase brand, will be on the scene with its new mini icon, mini share, which will be on the market in March; and RELX, the Chinese leading brand of electronic cigarette, will transform smoking into a healthier way.

In the home decor arena, Fibonacci, X+Q, Roca, Nice Living, Whirlpool, Frisquet, COCO-MAT, Franke, Nabel among others, will be present throughout the show floor to present their unique perspectives on living a quality life.

In the family arena, Oh My Design Kids will be building a design workshop for children, while the wildly-popular Peppa Pig Family will have close interactions with the kids throughout the show. 

Ideal Home Show & Couture Homes will also host multiple blockbuster new product launches, such as a joint candle launch by Minolife and the Palace Museum, a cross-boundary suitcase by Runmi 90FUN and the famous movie Wandering Earth, as well as smart lighting systems by Philips. 

TOALDO, a high-end villa design brand, will also be taking Desert Oasis as its design concept to create a 1:1 dream house. Designer Sun Kaixuan integrates inspiration with nature to show the audience a dream home of freedom, calm, mystery and excitement. German air purification brand Dephina will also appear in TOALDO HOUSE to provide you with healthy air from nature.

BI JU JIANG XIN unfolds into the nature, life, environmental pollution, and other issues, using mountains and rivers as the decorative elements, and embedded a baby wrapped in the "Caul," to illustrate a giant baby being nourished by the polluted mountains and rivers throughout its life journey. This demonstration would be a shocking sensory experience and spiritual reflection for the audiences.

Highlight 5: Smart Technology – prospective explorations for a better future

Smart products, together with the ongoing growth of technology and social progress, have created unlimited possibilities. Offering the latest technology trends, the 2019 Ideal Home Show & Couture Homes will present innovative smart products that give a deeper understanding of the significance of life-meets-technology. 

The smart robot Pepper, developed by Softbank Technology, will be chatting up visitors about the latest trends in unmanned driving and smart homes, as high-end American electric automobile brand Tesla will be presenting future scenarios in the new energy era while enlightening tech products, such as smart car air purifiers by IQAir, and smart fitness lab by ZESPEED will unveil the secrets of smart life.’s pavilion at the show will exhibit many quality home furnishing brands including Artimber, COSMIC and Larmoon – which will be available on the Ideal Home Show Flagship Store, along with furniture design brands such as Ziinlife, and lifestyle brands like Create for Life, JAHVERY, INYARD and Artfun.

Visitors to JD’s pavilion will be able to experience the latest innovative retail technology, such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence, as well as play interactive games. They can scan electronic price tags with their phones, allowing them to conveniently purchase a vast range of items on site. JD’s use of these technologies, as well as big data and consumer analytics, is enabling the future of retail to become boundary less, blending offline and online worlds to create an environment of truly frictionless shopping.

Inspiring and innovative lifestyle, focusing on the pursuit of a quality life, you’ll be able to capture everything about modern family life, at the 2019 Ideal Home Show & Couture Homes coming March 14 to 17, 2019, at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. Envisage Your Ideal Lifestyle!